Publications by David Kingsmill

David Kingsmill has never been able to keep secrets about himself. He’s too transparent.Home Bistro

The first one became obvious way back in the ’60s and ’70s: he loves to eat and cook. It started in 1964, his first eating trip to France. It blossomed into being appointed food writer and restaurant critic for The Toronto Star in the ’80s, diverted in the ’90s when he became a restaurant consultant, when he wrote a cookbook in 1996 that combined everything – cooking, eating and consulting: Home Bistro, creating the best of restaurant cuisine in your kitchen (Key Porter, Canada, Firefly Books in the U.S.). It is now in the process of being revised to include another chapter, Taste of the East, as well as updates on the classics. Click on the cover for more information, recent free excerpts and recipes, and find out when the new version will be available (trade paper and/or E-book form).


Clydesdales are getting restlessThe other, which became apparent in the mid ’60s, is that he loves to write. For16 years he was a print journalist. And, until recently, too busy to finish anything as ambitious as a novel. In the spirit of a dawning age, The Clydesdales are Getting Restless is available as an E-book, as well, for instant downloading. Click on the cover for more about the novel, a free download of the first chapter, and how to order. It’s available now (ISBN # 978-0-557-16571-1) at this site or through your bookstore.