Services for Independent Restaurateurs

Very few people are masters of every aspect of the restaurant business. That’s why franchises are so attractive; chains set things up and use their expertise to guide you in areas you’re not strong in. For that you pay a monthly royalty fee.

Are you setting up your independent restaurant correctly?

You’ve built a menu around the needs and wishes of the people living near your location.

You’ve studied the neighbours. You know what they like. You know how much they can afford. You know how many times they go out to eat. You have designed the restaurant to make them want to come back again and again.

And the site itself? The occupancy cost (lease . . .  mortgage . . .  taxes) are low for the revenue you can project – in the worst of times. People can find it. People can get to it because parking is good. Your signs will be easily seen.

From this (and a lot more) you’ve written a business plan to guide you when you open the doors, and to help you finance the place.

You can’t expect to be a master of everything. Make sure of everything before you plunk down your savings.

Successful restaurateurs don’t open the doors to the public without first setting it up correctly.
If not, you’ll be looking over your shoulder at unexpected problems for years instead of looking forward and servicing your customers’ needs.