Once a week a well-known Rabi brought his family to Barberian’s Steak House on Elm Street and every week Rabi would ask in a loud voice: “Harry, you got those any of those great beef ribs tonight?” And Harry would say, “Of course!” And every week the Rabi would tuck into Harry’s baby back pork ribs with a great big grin on his face.

I tell this story here because 1) the Rabi has passed on and 2) don’t let the exception prove the rule when planning to open a restaurant.

You’d think that rule #2 was simple, right? And yet a well-known restaurant consultant decided to try his hand in the business directly and opened a rib restaurant in a largely Jewish neighbourhood. He’s back “practicing” as a consultant again.

It doesn’t matter where you open, or what you serve, as long as the people in the surrounding area like what you’re offering, can afford to come back, and want to come back because of the atmosphere and service. Repeat business is the key to survival and repeat business comes only from the immediate neighbourhood.

In other words, you have to know the people –  the demographics –  before you commit a $ half million or more.

DKCI’s service can be as simple as examining your menu and the neighbourhood personally to make sure you’re on the right track for as little as $300 (plus expenses), or examining both in detail, telling you exactly who lives there and how to target them both on the menu, in-house, and for marketing purposes (short and long-term).

Call it intelligence insurance.