Restaurant Business Plans

If you’ve decided to open a restaurant, and it’s your first, you’ll need a business plan. It’s vital to 1) obtain financing and 2) to judge on-going performance in a venture over its lifespan.

It must be realistic. I must take into account risk aspects that do not appear on a common business template.


Because you are setting up a retail store, a manufacturing plant and service industry all under one roof. Three difficult industries. All of which, under other circumstances, would require separate business plans  – and separate managers.

DKCI knows how restaurants succeed. A sound restaurant business plan not only guides you as you operate from Day One, it also guides you as to your risk, where the risks lie, how to anticipate them, and how to correct them before they become destructive.

DKCI will not write a plan for any venture that is too risky for either the financier or the client. Some times, dreams are practicably unrealistic. But you will be told why your venture is not sound with only a nominal fee at risk.