Restaurant Risk Analysis Workshops

For 10 to 200 bankers at a time, David Kingsmill will present a one-day workshop to highlight the risk factors that have emerged over the decades as the key indicators of success and failure in the restaurant industry.

The workshop highlights the complexity of issues in this strange business, how the strengths of one proposal can be undermined by the simplest things.

Think of a restaurant as a ship at sea. How do you get rid of the garbage?

The workshop is for those working in risk analysis specifically. But it’s for front-line, branch-level bankers, too, so they can ask the right questions and be the eyes and ears in situ, even when faced with a solid and convincing business plan. Whatever they pass up the line will be more authoritative, as a result.

Too many good risks are rejected in this $ multi-billion industry, to everyone’s disservice.