Risk Analysis

Four of every five restaurants fail within the first three years, according to banks, governments and the industry.

But four out of five succeed when they’ve been analyzed by DKCI.


Successful restaurateurs initially set themselves up properly – financially, operationally, demographically. They can then run the restaurant rather than look over their shoulders at problems that could have been addressed before the first customer walked through the door.

The process is as relevant to bankers and investors and to  individual restaurateurs

The DKCI analysis is the product of more than 45 years of practical experience of the late Harry Barberian, and of his association and friendship with the best and most successful operators of restaurants, bars and hospitality venues in North America. During his legendary career, Harry owned and operated more than 20 successful restaurants of all types and sizes and was a founder of both the Canadian and American Restaurant associations.

When a restaurant fails, it’s easy to look over the business and its books and tell why it failed. But Harry and David Kingsmill analyzed the practices of proven, successful restaurateurs, in all sectors from hot dog stands to five star operations, to codify success before the restaurants open.

In other words, DKCI looks at the $ billion industry from an insider’s viewpoint. Very few lenders do.