Partial Clients List

Royal Bank of Canada
Bancomer S.A., Mexico
Canadian Reinsurance Conference
Canadian Life & Health Insurance Association
Canadian Institute of Underwriters
Munich Re
Federal Ministry of Finance
EDC-SEE Canada
Mandarin Restaurant Corporation
Lick's Ice Cream & Burgers Inc.
The Firkin Hospitality Group
Le Saint Tropez
Marcel's Bistro
The Manchester Arms
The Brunswick Hotel
Shoeless Joe's
Future Bakery & Café
La Stazione

Chartreuse & Longchamps Pub
Pure Pizza CompanyTonic Nightclub
La Paloma
Lakeridge Health Centre
Bombay Palace
GM&A Advertising
Black & Decker
Marin Advertising
Jelinek International
Irwin Toy Company
Canadian Institute of Mining,
Metallurgy & Petrolium
Honey’s Bistro
Black Dog Pub & Bistro
Philthy McNasty’s
Duff’s Famous Wings
CIRCA nightclub