Our Company

David Kingsmill Consultants Inc. began as a consultancy on the strength of three personalities:

Harry Barberian, the legendary restaurateur;
David Kingsmill, the Toronto Star food writer and restaurant critic, and;
Marian Kingsmill, a veteran of the hotel industry in sales, meetings and conferences.

What began in 1987 as a single company vetting restaurant and hospitality loans to financial institutions and training their risk analysis officers, evolved into a true Foodservice & Hospitality consultancy involved in all aspects of the industry:  start-ups, financial, front of the house, and back of the house, as well as planning and managing events in both hotels and restaurants.

DKCI  EVENTS plans and manages meetings and conventions for six people to 1,000 or more, country-wide.

DKCI and DKCI EVENTS have been in business for more than two decades. You may not have heard of us, however, because we don’t advertise; it’s all been on word-of-mouth, and there’s no better recommendation than that.